• Off-Peak Electricity Prices in Effect this Holiday

    October 08, 2015

    Electricity used on weekends and holidays is charged the off-peak price during both the Winter and Summer periods. On holidays, you will be charged off-peak prices for the electricity commodity portion of your bill.

  • Is Your Gas Shut Off? Reminder for the Heating Season

    October 08, 2015

    Call Utilities Kingston if your natural gas is shut off and you’re in our service area. A certified technician will visit your home as quickly as possible. We've been receiving calls from concerned customers who are returning home to find that gas is off due to planned meter replacements over the summer.

  • This Fall, Protect Your Property from Basement Flooding

    October 05, 2015

    Homeowners: get up to $3000 to install sump pumps, backwater sanitary valves, foundation drains and other eligible measures. Utilities Kingston still has financial assistance available to its customers through the 2015 Preventative Plumbing Program. Customers are encouraged to act today, leaving time to implement plumbing measures before the end of the calendar year.

  • Electro Scan Sewer Inspections in Your Area

    October 01, 2015

    To protect the integrity of the sanitary sewer and help prevent the infiltration of groundwater into the wastewater system, Utilities Kingston is conducting an Electro Scan inspection of the sanitary sewer in the area south of Bath Road and west of Sir John A. Macdonald Boulevard (to Trailhead Place).

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